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Cheap Movie Seats

sit behind the screen
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Build a secondary theater behind the screen to double occupancy for the same movie, same projector. Additional speakers are wired to the same audio source. Only downside is that the movie is backward for the back theater, so you see the movie inverted, which is why the seats are cheaper.

This would be okay for Toy Story, but not so well for Apocalypto.

Would it be weird to watch a movie this way, and have your memories burned in backward, so that when you later saw it on tv, you got vertigo?

napoleonbag, Jun 26 2008


       watching Field of Dreams this way might be interesting
napoleonbag, Jun 26 2008

       already partially baked, in hometheater, people install screen walls between rooms to double the seating
evilpenguin, Jun 26 2008

       //watching Field of Dreams this way might be interesting//
Nothing would make that turkey worth watching.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 26 2008

       Maybe seats next to young (talking) children, or behind very tall people, could be cheaper? The usher makes sure you sit next to a child or behind a tall person or something equally undesirable, and you can't leave your seat until an hour after the movie started.
phundug, Jun 26 2008

       //Maybe seats next to young (talking) children//
Or people with cellophane-wrapped sweets, or that bargain bucket of popcorn that you just know is going to end up on your lap.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 26 2008

       would it affect Memento?
po, Jun 26 2008

       Art house re-showings of the orginal The Shining would be fun... especially the "redrum" scene(s).
napoleonbag, Jun 27 2008

       You could also hang a bunch of seats from the ceiling, for people who wouldn't mind seeing everything upside-down.
Ander, Jun 27 2008

       Those would be great for vampires watching the Dracula-thon.
Canuck, Jun 27 2008

       // Only downside is that the movie is backward for the back theater, so you see the movie inverted,//   

       Not so, the movie is "mirrored". At last those crazy Americans will be driving on the correct side of the road. Foreign language films may be a bit hard to assimilate.
4whom, Jun 27 2008

       //so you see the movie inverted,//
sp. "laterally perverted"
coprocephalous, Jun 27 2008

       AH HAH! Finally a cure for dyslexia.   

       If you lugged in a really, really, really big mirror, your cheap seats would then be normal seats...no?
blissmiss, Jun 27 2008


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