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Lunchtime movie shorts

Theaters should show shorts for people on their lunch breaks.
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I get about 45 minutes for lunch. I could make it an hour, and the boss wouldn't care. It takes me about 3 minutes to eat a sandwich. After that, I sit there until I get bored and end up going back inside after 15 minutes. Meanwhile, the movie theater across the street is fully staffed but totally empty because they only show full length movies and nobody can get 2 hours (or 3, if Oliver Stone directed) off in the middle of the day. Why not show shorter movies, collections of "shorts" if nothing else, during lunchtime? They could probably get away w/ charging the same price too. Maybe they even let you bring lunch? (That'd hurt concessions, of course, but would draw more people.)
sirtooShort, Mar 29 2002


       How about full lengths shown over 2-3 lunch intervals? I'm in just for the popcorn.
spartanica, Mar 29 2002

       Nice idea. Maybe get the theater to start selling real food so you don't have to bring your own.
phoenix, Mar 29 2002

       I like the notion of the specially edited lunchtime-length condensations of full length movies. Would need cut down titles, too:   

       Gone with the Wind: the condensation would have to be so severe due it's length that the title would become "Gone."   

       Titanic: Another long movie that would have to be reduced just to the scene where Rose doffs her clothes. The title? "Tit"
bristolz, Mar 29 2002

       Cliff's Classics?
phoenix, Mar 29 2002

       I have a pair of these.
waugsqueke, Mar 29 2002

       In Edmonton, there is a live theatre version of this. It's called the LunchBox Theatre. It's relatively inexpensive and you bring your own lunch (my kind of place). They really should do this with the empty historic theatre on the main downtown street (The Paramount) as its always/often deader than a doorknob.
thecat, Jun 16 2003

       [+] yes, and check out [bristolz]'s anno! It could be an idea in inself!
xandram, Dec 06 2013

       The only problem I can see with lunchtime movie shorts is that in the summer you might catch ringworm from the seats.
bungston, Dec 07 2013


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