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Check Please Kung Fu

Just a thread of an idea for a single scene
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A Jackie Chan-style action scene wherein a couple is having a fine time at lunch or dinner, when the waiter/ress presents the bill, intending for them to leave. The man then rebutts with perhaps a request to refill a drink instead, to which the waiter tries to take the woman's plate, which she grabs back, et cetera ad hilarium. Comic high jinks (sp?) and fast-action slapstick hilarity ensue in the following choreographed chaos of trading servingware, bills, wallets, aprons, chairs and so forth.

All three actors require fast hands and comic sensibilities.

No idea about overall plot, just something I haven't seen done before. Glad to delete if some 'baker can point to precisely this thing already done well.

absterge, Oct 21 2015


       I think this is one of those fleeting thoughts that, with a lot of work, could be worked up into an idea.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 21 2015

       I have certainly never seen this done in a porno movie, so +.
bungston, Oct 21 2015


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