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Hollywood star-studded charity film
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In the music industry, over the past few decades, there has been several attempts to raise charity via star studded aritist collaborations: feed the world I and II, and Whats going on....and have all proved successful in raising funds.

This same concept should be applied to film...Several top end filmstars should act in this production in all roles. from the main character to the pizza delevery guy to extras to everything...really everything! Any visible role in the production should be made by an A list celebrity. This production would be made entirely for charity minus the cost of the production itself. It's as simple as that.

As far as selling the film the ticket price should be half of the standard rate giving incentive to people to see the film due to the low cost, this won't damage the budget of the film since the cast is working for free. The beauty of raising money for charity through a film is that the general public can buy multiple tickets just as a way of donating more money without incurring any extra cost to the production (eg. some individuals buy 10 band aid cd's just to be able to donate more)

This film needs no intriguing plot or inspiring message, just loads of famous faces because it's not about the art it's about the charity...people pay a fee for a cause, rather than simple teporary amusement.

This movie will be available in the cinemas for a limited time only (maybe a quarter at the most), but will be available for home vieveing for pretty much ever. A timeless piece of human goodwill captured on film!

shinobi, Dec 12 2004


       what an awesome idea [+] . donating to this cuase would make me feel good and i bet the extras on the dvd would be incredible just watching all those stars hanging out back stage or something would make my day.
artificialeye, Dec 12 2004

       Why half the price? Many many people already pay full rate for crap films because of the beautiful people in them, if anything this could be more expensive as you could probably cram half of hollywood in.Why not include some crowd scenes to include the B and C lists as well?
stilgar, Dec 13 2004

FlyingToaster, Sep 03 2009


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