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Cheese Kneelers

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Imagine armies of French peasants spending their days kneeling on cheeses, shaping them using human body warmth, and frugally taking the crumbs stuck to their clothing home for their repas du soir.
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012

Inspired by Cheese_20Annealer
[Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012]


       As a vegetarian, can I please have negative vote icons in the form of a rotten tomato or something? The whole fish thing is less than appealing regardless of its purpose.
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012

       This isn't a very gouda idea, in fact I think it's brieneath you. Emmentaly certain that you could do better - you munster had an off day.   

       <irrelevant aside> in Victorian England, there was a fad for a "flower code", in which particular flowers had definite meanings; a gentleman would send his lady friend a pressed flower of a given type, to convey a message which he was too discreet to write down. In France, in the time of Louis 15th, there was an equivalent fashion using cheeses, although the limitations of the postal service meant that this was restricted to central Paris. <\ia>
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 17 2012

       You cheddar try again.
normzone, Jul 17 2012

       Edam well better not.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 17 2012

       You can't polish a turd, nor mascarpone.
theleopard, Jul 17 2012

       I feel I'm being Cheshirised here, no one has paid fromage to my idea. Stinking Bishops, the lot of you!
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012

       A cheese related idea, no whey...will this catch on.
DenholmRicshaw, Jul 17 2012

       Rind not? They off fondue.
pocmloc, Jul 17 2012

       Nacho best idea Phron.
doctorremulac3, Jul 17 2012

       //Edam well better not.//   

       Respectfully, [Max], nobody needs your parmesan.
ytk, Jul 17 2012

       Cheeses, will we never rind this thread up? I've had a knife and I'm board now.
pocmloc, Jul 18 2012


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