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Monkey Controlled Rollercoaster
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Monkey or Chimpanzee sits in a very comfortable "enclosure" (not a cage) he gets to move around and he has access to controls for the roller coaster.

Maybe these controls are actuators on the jumpsuit that he wears a form of motion type control system.

the monkey determines the speed, ride duration, forward or reverse, restraint locking and unlocking etc...

your ride could take 2 minutes or it could take an hour monkey decides.

People would be discouraged from giving him sweet treats or snacks.

vfrackis, Mar 19 2009


       The monkey should have a microphone in his cage, hooked up to the sound system. In case he wanted to scream or shriek at the riders for some reason.
knowtion, Mar 19 2009

       Man, you can make a whole park out of this. My favorite is the sloth's lazy river. The gerbil farm fun house is pretty rad, too!+
daseva, Mar 19 2009

       "well of course we are going to fling poo at them"
"if you have any spare poo, fling it now"

       This is very funny. +
blissmiss, Mar 19 2009

       yes, yes. make it so. shriekophone gives double ++. what could go wrong?
bungston, Mar 19 2009

       If you had ever been to Blackpool Pleasure Beach (a misnomer if ever there was one), then you would mind these simians dressed in people suits running all the rides.
eight_nine_tortoise, Mar 20 2009

       That is a very funny comment 8/9.
blissmiss, Mar 20 2009


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