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Finally, the egg is a dairy product!
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Technically, the egg (of the chicken variety, not chocolate) falls into the meat/protein food group. I have just recently come to accept this as fact. I have known for a long time now both the definition of a dairy product and the composition of an egg, and I understand that those two things do not match, but for the longest time I could think of an egg as nothing other than dairy. I mean, when you go to the supermarket, they have dairy coolers and they have meet coolers. Which one do they put the eggs in? Without fail, the eggs are always stored in the dairy cooler. Secretly, I think this has always caused me to wish that the egg actually were a dairy product.

Well, now I (and all the other egg-tormented souls out there) can have it both ways with the introduction of the Cheesegg! From the outside, this revolutionary product has the same appearance of an ordinary egg (white shells, brown shells, large, extra large, grade A … you pick), but it’s the inside of a Cheesegg that separates it from the pack. Yes, that’s right (as those of you with above average verbal and deduction skills have probably already figured out), the Cheesegg contains no egg white or yolk, instead it is filled with 100% cheese!

Oh the possibilities are endless! Cheddar, Swiss, Mozzarella, Provolone, Colby, Brie, Camembert, Feta, Gouda, Monterey Jack, Parmesan, Gorgonzola, Nacho… single serving pieces all encased in a protective egg shell (rather than plastic or wax). Fun to crack and peel like a hardboiled egg (or in the case of Nacho cheese, crack and let it ooze out, like a real egg). You could even combine white and yellow cheeses to replicate the natural egg white and yolk combination.

The individual packaging of each serving means that the protective coating (shell) will remain intact until you should choose to eat that egg. With larger blocks of cheese, you have to break the wax or plastic coating the first time you want some cheese, then let the rest sit unprotected in your fridge.

luecke, Nov 13 2003


       what do you get if you incubate these eggs?
po, Nov 13 2003

       i think it would probably turn into a bleu cheesegg
luecke, Nov 13 2003

       Cadburys Cream Eggs - they are already dairy because they contain Cream hence the requirement to have a genuninely dairy egg has been baked - although not with cheese.
dobtabulous, Nov 14 2003

       Ooh cream eggs...wish they sold them at this time of year.
Mistress Bling, Nov 14 2003

       Can they have mozzarella whites with a cheddar yolk? That would be gouda.   

       Certainly, although I'm not sure the mozzarella and cheddar flavors would mix very well. You would probably want to use whatever they make that marble cheese out of (colby-jack?)
luecke, Nov 14 2003

       Ok. Now if each egg had a crunchy bacon shell and they all came in a hash brown carton I'd buy the first dozen.   

       Yummy. And mozzarella does mix with cheddar, if you try it on a pizza. You guys are giving me serious cheese cravings! Gonna phone for a pizza now...
Mistress Bling, Nov 14 2003

       "meet coolers"? I gave up on my fantasy of meeting Mrs. Right at the grocery store long ago, although I do like to haunt the frozen food aisles.
normzone, Nov 14 2003

       what 2 fries said   

Pericles, Nov 14 2003

       I like it, though I don't know why - you're just taking a product that's easy to eat and making it difficult to eat - I should dislike it, but I don't. +
Worldgineer, Nov 14 2003

       //Ooh cream eggs...wish they sold them at this time of year.// surely thats an urban myth? I hate the horrible little things anyway..
po, Nov 14 2003

       The egg shape would also make for east grating and application ... perhapse a fast food mexican food chain could pick it up and sell it with the product ... dunno about one-time-use graters, though ...
Letsbuildafort, Nov 14 2003

       dag - I am already kicking myself for postic an idea that inspired you to mention the evil bear-killers (my poor poor bears, however did you loose your shuffle?), but please let us not temp people to buy those dastardly head-coverings...
luecke, Nov 14 2003

       I am so disappointed. I expected that it would somehow combine cheese and egg, the two most nurturant flavors in the universe, so that to make cheese eggs, all you had to do was break them into a pan of sizzling butter and scramble.   

       But what do I find? Processed cheese in a funny shape! No wonder you're all so interested in football and Wisconsin! The only decent American cheeses (not quite an oxymoron, but almost) come from the Northeast and California.
grecosartre, Nov 19 2003


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