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Cloud yoghurt

Seed clouds with yoghurt producing bacteria
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Take an average cloudy day. Take one plane, spray clouds with silver Iodide and also some yoghurt bacteria (Steptococcus thermophilis perhaps, and Lactobobacillus bulgaricus). The bacteria reproduce in the cloud moisture and fall to the ground as yoghurt. Plenty of nourishing food for all farmyard animals and other less fussy eaters.

Obviously there would have to be a certain amount of experimentation in genetically modifying the bacteria to a) multiply very very quickly and b) be resistant to silver iodide.

gardnose, May 17 2001


       No, the bacteria reproduce and fall to the ground as more bacteria. In the absence of a minor detail (milk), end of story.
angel, May 17 2001

       Good point: in that case spray clouds with iodide, bacteria and powdered milk. You'd also end up with a lovely sunny day.
gardnose, May 17 2001

       manna, anyone?
absterge, May 17 2001

       Why do you need the silver iodide? Run that past me one more time.
st3f, May 17 2001

       Would this level of yogurt bacteria in the air of an area hinder the growth of yeast? Flat bread for everyone!
Ezeldorph, Mar 01 2002

       st3f, silver iodide is a rain catalyst.
waugsqueke, Mar 01 2002

       does it come in pots? how do you treat a cow for concussion?
po, Mar 01 2002


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