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Cheetos Powder Spice Mix

Cheese dust in a can for use on other foods
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Cheetos are a great snack, but I wish I could add their cheesy flavor to other foods.

Freeto-Lay could sell the powder they apply to Cheetos as a canned spice. It would be good on chicken, potatoes, other kinds of chips, or most any food.

discontinuuity, Oct 09 2005

Cheddar Cheese Powder http://www.amazon.c...urmet-food&v=glance
US$3.45 per 4.5 oz, properly orange, but in a bottle or plastic bag (not canned). [jurist, Oct 09 2005]


       good idea
IcarusByNight, Oct 09 2005

       To each their own... Hope it goes well with your crossaint (or fishbone, in the spirit of fairness)
PollyNo9, Oct 09 2005

       It would be manufactured and sold by Freeto-Lay, so it would have the marketing power and authentic taste of Cheetos.
discontinuuity, Oct 09 2005

       Then you would get lots of fried corn bits in it.
discontinuuity, Oct 09 2005

       Sheer genius. Will probably lead to other related products; beef broth in eggnog tortilla chip powder on cake pixie dust for fighting crime
jellydoughnut, Oct 10 2005

       It's that fake orange goo it leaves behind on your fingers, that gives Cheetos that special zing.   

       Dunno about canning it. I kind of like the digging into the box action.
blissmiss, Oct 10 2005

       Use 1/2 the contents of a Kraft Dinner (macaroni & cheese) package? It's not Cheetos brand, however.
Cedar Park, Oct 11 2005

       //Adding something that is obviously not food (the yellow shit on cheese flavoured snack foods), to food items is coprophagia// Oi!
coprocephalous, Oct 11 2005


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