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Everything cream cheese and Everything sprinkle topping for bagels (and other foods)

"Everything" seasonings from a bagel in a shaker can and "everything" seasonings mixed into cream cheese
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Whenever you eat Everything bagels, half the the garlic, onion, salt, caraway, poppy and sesame seeds from the bagel end up on your plate/lap/floor anyway. Why not offer Everything Sprinkles - a variety of these toasted seasonings in a parmasean cheese-like shaker container to sprinkle on a plain bagel with plain cream cheese for an instant Everything bagel that doesn't get bits of crap all over the place? This way you can always enjoy Everything Toast or use the sprinkles as extra seasoning for garlic bread or pizza dough.

Alternately, if the toasty-goodness wouldn't be lost, how about an Everything Cream Cheese instead of the chive or veggie flavors? Just mix a extra generous pile of that stuff in there.

bananahero, Apr 25 2007

(?) Mccormick's spices http://www.mccormic...tdetail.cfm?id=6566
[dentworth, Aug 17 2007]

(?) We got yer "everything" right here, compadre: http://www.chef-blender.com/bulk.html
You can already get it. Place your order today, [bananahero]. [k_sra, Aug 17 2007]

More bananaheros http://www.youtube....watch?v=ofW2RMgF8zY
See 2:40 in for the 'banana duel' [imaginality, Aug 17 2007]

Bagel spice, 2 oz for $ 4.99 http://bagelspice.com/
[jutta, Jan 05 2010]


       I like the idea of putting the "everything" toppings in a shaker. That's odd, since I generally avoid everything bagels... but I think that's mainly because I resent their deceptive advertising. I would probably love them if they were called "4 or 5 things" bagels.   

       Can we call this a "4 or 5 thing shaker"?
lankybits, Apr 25 2007

       The problem is, everything (I mean the foodstuff) is slightly sticky, what with the onions and all. It would be hard to get it to come out of a shaker. Still, [+] for the tastiness factor.
phundug, Apr 25 2007

       I'll take a case. I love everything!
evilpenguin, Aug 17 2007

       In the US we have McCormick's spice grinder/shakers. My favorite is Italian seasonings. I expect if I look there's one with onion and seed sorts of things. edit: no onions
dentworth, Aug 17 2007

       [Anathema], it is until I post my idea for a new use for Fiona Apple's second album, which I will title "A New Use For '<full album title here>' "
globaltourniquet, Aug 17 2007

       i think it's baked, my friend. if you order today you can get your shipment in next week.
k_sra, Aug 17 2007

       [bananahero], that's a fine username you've got there!
imaginality, Aug 17 2007

       The market did not have anything but poppy seed bagels this morning, but remembering this idea I whipped up some everything sprinkle!   

       2ml caraway seed   

       2ml fennel seed   

       4ml dried garlic   

       4ml dried onion   

       8ml sesame seed   

       8ml poppy seed   

       Mixed together then dry sauted until brown. Pretty darn tasty! (I need to double or triple that recipe)
Galbinus_Caeli, Aug 19 2007


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