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Hey, Stop Buzzing My Queen
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Play board games using the insect remote control technology discussed in the link.
theircompetitor, Apr 11 2005

Fly Remote http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7420542/
[theircompetitor, Apr 11 2005]

(?) PacMan with real insects http://www.livescie...pacman_insects.html
[theircompetitor, Jul 27 2006]


       hey, thats a bit lazy, tc.   

       sod it, its more than a bit lazy...
po, Apr 11 2005

       wait... so would our brains be outfitted with sensors that moved the pieces accordingly? Or would the pieces be given fly brains that we would move around with lasers?   

       in the case of the first guess: why not have some more sophisticated circuitry that sent logic firing to the visual cortex for vivid visualizations of combos, allowing the user to behave more like a real photographic memory chessmaster.
daseva, Apr 11 2005


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