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Chess Chipper

King Edward, Queen Edward, Bishop Edward, Knight Edward, Rook Edward and Pawn Edward.
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A cleverly designed knife/peeler used exclusively to facilitate the encarvulation of chess pieces directly from raw potato.

Results can be fried, baked, or used raw to augment or complete chess sets made from more traditional materials.

Banned from tournament play due to the temptation of knocking up a sneaky bishop and insinuating it to A5 when nobody is looking.

zen_tom, Feb 01 2010


       The psychological effect of your opponent eating your pieces when they're taken could be interesting.
hippo, Feb 01 2010

       Hmmm. Smothered mate (smothered in gravy).   

       (King Edwards vs Sweet Potato for piece contrast?)
Jinbish, Feb 01 2010

       I was thinking of those blue/purple potatoes for colour differentiation, but sweet potato, yams, turnips, suedes, even beetroot might all form an effective foundation for a tuber based chess set.
zen_tom, Feb 01 2010

       The alternating squares could have blobs of ketchup on them.
skinflaps, Feb 01 2010

       Ha! Or Mayonnaise!
zen_tom, Feb 01 2010

       Egad, this is a winner, zen-tom. I would love to play chess in the kitchen with someone while making a huge Sunday meal. While I whittle, they could muddle. Wonderful.
blissmiss, Feb 01 2010

       You could white castle your burger king.
tatterdemalion, Feb 01 2010

       The prawns would start to smell after a bit though
hippo, Feb 01 2010

       [+] I like the idea, but would prefer all the pieces be edible -- having some wooden/plastic pieces on the board, and some tuber pieces, will surely lead to someone munching on something they oughtn't.
goldbb, Feb 01 2010

       Just found this. Awesome. [tom], you thought of this two weeks before my birthday, and yet, where was it? In fact, you've missed another since, and still no Chess Chipper in my kitchen drawer!   

       Despite your lax approach to invention, this deserves more bunnage, entonces, here's mine [+]
theleopard, Aug 04 2011

       What would be properly invented, in this instance would be a more general purpose potato lathe, upon which all manner of tubers could be "turned" to create chess-pieces, miniature bannister-poles, chair-legs, bowls, vases and other such forms.
zen_tom, Aug 04 2011

       Potato Lathe? Spud Whittler. Hang on, wasn't he a C&W star of the 1970s?
calum, Aug 04 2011


       When using this device hurriedly to add pockmarks and facial hair to your opponent's queen, and slipping, this would become encarvululation.
bungston, Aug 05 2011


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