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Chevrolet Shallots

car side window box cultivation
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Every car I have ever owned eventually starts to sprout a type of moss along the edges of the side windows. Growing conditions must therefore promote this activity, so the idea is to take advantage of these conditions.

This leads me to the creation of modified door panels available as an option on all new cars. These will incorporate within their profile long narrow trenches to act as window boxes. For older vehicles there will be the bolt on variety as a customised extra.

Since a variety of plants will spontaneously begin to seed themselves in the window boxes, very little maintenance is required, though the watertight shades will need to be closed over when the car is being washed to ensure that detergents and hot water do not damage the little shrubs.

For the more enthusiastic car gardener, there will be miniature vegetables to harvest, competitions to enter, micro topiary and bonsai growing to consider.

From now on as you sit in stationary traffic, you can relax in your seat, and actually enjoy your motionless state, as you gaze across a narrow strip of pleasant greenery running along the edge of your side windows.

xenzag, Feb 13 2009

chia car http://images.googl...42,DVXA:en%26sa%3DN
[jaksplat, Feb 13 2009]

For those who prefer lawns... http://images.googl...8&sa=N&hl=en&tab=wi
[zen_tom, Feb 16 2009]


       have those plants beridden with scale insects, and you have a self-waxing car. [+]
loonquawl, Feb 13 2009

       Reminds me of the spider that used to live in my mum's car's wing mirror.
DrBob, Feb 13 2009

DenholmRicshaw, Feb 13 2009

       //Reminds me of the spider that used to live in my mum's car's wing mirror.// I've had a few of these too.
xenzag, Feb 13 2009

       + great idea!
xandram, Feb 13 2009

       + great idea!
xandram, Feb 13 2009

       It's funny how fond you can become of spiders in these circumstances. I think it must have something to do with their sheer, imbecile tenacity in choosing such a ridiculously impractical place to live.

They always remind me of the scene in one of the Leone Spaghetti Westerns where some mad, old coot is in his house in the middle of the night, proudly talking to someone about how he refused to be run off his land by the railroad company; only to be interrupted by the shrieking whistle of a train, shaking walls and great clouds of steam as the train thunders past outside.
DrBob, Feb 16 2009

       That would be Old Prophet in For A Few Dollars More... C'mon, you knew some Spaghetti Western Geek would pipe up with the answer. It may as well be someone with a Western-inspired screen name.
English Bob, Feb 16 2009

       I'll see your Pontiac Potatoes and raise you a Lard Rover.
xenzag, Feb 19 2009

       I'm in. <casually flips a Suzuki Zucchini into the pot>
DrBob, Feb 19 2009

       [xenzag], whereabouts do you dwell that conditions are optimal for auto moss ?
normzone, Nov 07 2017


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