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Car Window Fogger

Steam up your windows with the flip of a switch
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A series of small vents around the ceiling of the car dispense steam into the interior causing fog to form on the insides of the windows.

No reason why, just because.

Also provides optional accessories including, 10 foot cleaning hose and wand, pressure cooker, and shirt press. (thanks to [Chefboyrbored] for this bit)

jhomrighaus, Nov 28 2006

Electronic Smart Glass http://www.glassonw...ticles/article/192/
We've all seen or heard of electronic smart glass before that can change from a clear state to an opaque or translucent state at the flip of a switch. Aside from introducing the concept into the automotive environment, what's new here? [jurist, Nov 29 2006]

Did someone mention a shower nozzel? BI-metallic_20shower_20nozzle
[ye_river_xiv, Mar 12 2008]


acurafan07, Nov 28 2006

       Illicit goings on, perhaps?
jtp, Nov 28 2006

       why not?
jhomrighaus, Nov 28 2006


       EDIT (to [Text]'s edit): But you don't see "High-tech shower head" as one of my ideas anymore now, do you?
acurafan07, Nov 28 2006

       *cough* High-tech shower head *cough*   

       EDIT: the above comment has been left somewhat high and dry by [acurafan07] changing or removing his prior anno, berating the idea as needlessly complicated.
Texticle, Nov 28 2006

       cause window tinting cant be turned off for one   

       2 window tint wont make your friends think you are making out in the parking lot   

       3 everyone can have window tint but nobody has one of these   

       I would not expect to use this constantly as you have no doubt assumed. As to your misinterpreting the point that is a given. Mostly because there is no point I just thought it was a very halfbaked idea.   

       //Anyone can point out other baker's ideas that have flopped but that doesn't make other ideas any different or my comments any less valid.//   

       not sure what you mean here but I would note that your comments are still there so im not sure why you feel your comments are invalid, if I felt them so I would simply delete them.
jhomrighaus, Nov 28 2006

       The mold was your invention, the windows in my van fog up every time I load up the family and the dog on a cold day and I don't have any mold growing in there.   

       You are making assumptions and you know what happens when you assume.   

       Trust me when I tell you [acurafan07] that I am secure enough in my halfbakerhood to take your criticism. Thats how we improve.
jhomrighaus, Nov 28 2006

       My response about validity of comments was to [Texticle], who at first posted "*cough Hover car *cough*" and then "*cough High-tech shower head *cough*", which indicates to me that he was searching thorugh my ideas to find particularly bad ones. We all have ideas that have flopped, and pointing them out has no purpose. I wasn't responding to you.
acurafan07, Nov 28 2006

       Well he does have a point. ;-)
jhomrighaus, Nov 28 2006

       I can't deny that fogged windows do look cool so [+] as long as there wouldn't be any mold. Perplexing however, that he's making wise comments like that and defending the idea for nothing since somehow he "forgot" to bun the idea... *cough* Breathable Condom *cough*
acurafan07, Nov 28 2006

       Why have extra water just chill the window and let condensation fog it.
pydor, Nov 28 2006

       Tints are illegal in many states, and this is so nicely temporary.
normzone, Nov 28 2006

       Hey man the Breathable Condom is totally different. I fail to see the connection.   

       As for the insights about forgetting to bun this, I'm not sure what you're getting at there either.   

       In short, what?
Texticle, Nov 29 2006

       Why would anyone want steam technology to mask their windows when it can be done electronically? [link]
jurist, Nov 29 2006

       Just because I have had ideas that flopped doesn't mean my comments aren't accurate.
acurafan07, Nov 29 2006

       [jurist] The intention here really had nothing to do with privacy or tinting or anything. Every car on the planet has window defoggers I thought maybe somebody somewhere might want to go the other way. No real point to this at all, its simply a just because.
jhomrighaus, Nov 29 2006

       //my comments aren't accurate.//   

       Well to get down to it they aren't, nowhere in the idea does it say anything about reducing light inside the car, or increasing privacy or anything. I think the point was that you were commenting on the complexity of the idea and some of your ideas were exactly the same. Text was just calling you out.
jhomrighaus, Nov 29 2006

       Thats why your car has defoggers on the windshield.
jhomrighaus, Nov 29 2006

       This could be used as an anti theft device if you are leaving the car on a dark disused car-park, the vacant car would appear to contain a pair of copulating lovers and the would-be thief moves on. the deluxe version comes with occasional groaning noises and the suspension rocks whenever anyone approaches.
marklar, Nov 29 2006

       He: "Hey, we don't need any fore-play now that I have a jhomrighaus window fogging system!"
She: <sigh>
Ling, Nov 29 2006

       would make grate anti theft system as [marklar] said just do not leave the car there for more then one night
dev45, Nov 29 2006

       This is great for more than just fogging the window, with a high heat option it would be great for cleaning doggy drool, kiddy crap and other nonsense off the inside of the windows.
Chefboyrbored, Nov 30 2006

       There is an idea, add a retractable wand with a 10 hose then you could use it to not only clean windows, but you could clean your wheels, your oil cap or tar off your front bumper. You could also connect it to your fold away steam press in the trunk so you will always be ready for the big interview. A small pressure cooker will make lunch stops on the road raman-iffic.   

       Thanks [Chefboyrbored] I've added that little tidbit to the idea, in fact its actually a little better idea on its own than mine.
jhomrighaus, Dec 01 2006

       What [jurist] said [+]. Lest I fall out of character.
Ned_Ludd, Mar 12 2008

       Aww darn, I was so hoping this was Car Window Frogger.
BunsenHoneydew, Mar 12 2008


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