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pull down screens for car windows
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a rolled screen that you can pull down in the love bug season, that will allow you to leave window open for fresh air, and keep bugs out of car when at a stop light or other stops.
bugfree, Nov 28 2000

Bugs for a reasonable cost .... http://www.halfbake...y_20Bugs#1399933811
Case lot discount available. Where do you find these ideas? [bugfree] came, conquered and left all in one day, no annos, no bugs. [normzone, Nov 07 2017]


       Yes, a good idea

Also (belated) welcome to the Halfbakery!
hippo, Nov 07 2017

       Aircraft snag report :   

       Problem: "Bugs smashed on canopy."
Solution: "Gave bugs coffee and told them to move along."
8th of 7, Nov 07 2017


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