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Chew chew chew

flavoured pencils
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Somtimes when I'm writing I feel like a snack. So I think it would be a great idea to have flavoured pencils or pen lids, that release a flavoured snack .
gizmo, Jan 12 2002

President's Pretzel Scare http://news.bbc.co....1758000/1758848.stm
How Bush II was almost slain by snack food. [Aristotle, Jan 14 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       just use cocktail sausages. I do.
notripe, Jan 12 2002

       you can't write properly with sausages, silly
po, Jan 12 2002

technobadger, Jan 12 2002

       ? Honey and mustard flavour.
arora, Jan 12 2002

       who said anything about writing properly?
notripe, Jan 12 2002

       Little (ok biggish) tin of goodies (biscuits, snack bars, chocolate etc) next to the computer for when I'm so creative it would be a shame to disrupt the flow
tobythepig, Jan 13 2002

       [PeterSealy] I don't think he needs one of those -- I seem to recall that [gizmo] would be underage for that!
mwburden, Jan 13 2002

       You may not be able to write with a sausage, but you can certainly write with a pencil that has a sausage stuck on the eraser end. Or one could shove a short pencil into the end of one of those hollow licorice gummy things (red ropes?)
Dog Ed, Jan 14 2002

       When I was young (in the 70's) there was a big craze for flavoured erasers for the end of your pencil. Very strange, as although tasted of e.g. Strawberry, superficially (e.g. if licked), they obviously tasted discgusting if bitten off and chewed (which plenty of daft kids did, believe me). Also, rubber is not that nutritious.
goff, Jan 14 2002

|Oo /
|~ |
.'U-' ACK!
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       Snacks are dangerous things for the unwary (see link) and flavoured pencils could attact the attention of people not smart enough to use them to write.
Aristotle, Jan 14 2002

       Word is that the SALT Treaty has been repealed in order to attack Pretzels of Mass Destruction Producing Facilities.
thumbwax, Jan 14 2002

       thumbwax: I wounder how long it will be before politicians are sent Pretzels in envelopes in an attempt for to get them to assassinate themselves ...
Aristotle, Jan 14 2002

       thumbwax: Was that an ASCII rendering of a certain Mr Bill T Cat esq. (probably not considering context, but I thought I'd check)?
st3f, Jan 14 2002

       I do, but I'm a tiger. Must be a cat thing...
StarChaser, Jan 14 2002

       On the TV show 'Felicity', a character named Sean who's always inventing things also came up with this one.

Hey, since taste and smell are so closely linked to memory, I think you should suck on the same flavor when studying for a test and when taking that test. That is, a flavor for each subject.
tharsaile, Jun 20 2002

       My kids came home from the Doctor's office recently with PaedialyteTM grape-flavoured toungue-depressors to suck on. They look just like regular tongue-depressors, but smell like grape, and apparently taste grapy. Not sure of the medical benefits of sucking on 'em, but the kids had fun. I'm sure the same could be done with pencils. Croissant.
Matty, Jun 21 2002


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