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edible staples

staple diet?
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staples made from splinters of hard boiled candy.

why? so you can remove them with your teeth, silly!


po, Oct 18 2004


       [+] for the summary.
wagster, Oct 18 2004

       Now we know why the dog ate the kid's homework. It was for the staples.
jurist, Oct 18 2004

       And pretzel paper clips?
FarmerJohn, Oct 18 2004

       "I gummed up the stapler again."
"It's stuck?"
"No, I just haven't put my teeth in."

       In the great Crash of '04, the concepts of 'custard' and 'staples' seem to have become messed up.   

       <memo to self..insert 'staples' in Autobone Meta>
ConsulFlaminicus, Oct 19 2004

       This recalls a Muppet sketch where Dr Bunson Honeydew forced his assistant Beaker to eat edible paperclips. Beaker was initially reluctant, but discovered to his joy that they were delicious. Unfortunately, a side-effect caused his nose to fall off. Is similar functionality envisioned here [po]? Either way, it's a [+] from us here at Muppet Labs
DocBrown, Oct 19 2004

       I think I'm more of a Gonzo, cheers [Unabubba] but I'll go for Waldorf if I have to choose.
[clears throat]: "Well now I've seen everything..."
DocBrown, Oct 19 2004

       "Du huh huh huh!"
I would also have accepted:
"Good, can we leave now?" or
"And most of it was better than this!"
DocBrown, Oct 19 2004

       "Well, with this lot on stage, I can't afford to be hard to please."
DocBrown, Oct 19 2004

       sp: "Doh ho ho ho!"
yabba do yabba dabba, Oct 19 2004

       ? staples
po, Oct 19 2004

       Mmmmmmm, staples.
Worldgineer, Oct 19 2004

       with gravy...
po, Oct 19 2004

       Ew, no. Soda. Candy staples with soda printer ink and rice paper. My favorite office snack.
Worldgineer, Oct 19 2004

       ... and those pretzel paper clips [FJ] suggested. Yum!! Good one, [po]! +
Pericles, Oct 20 2004

       These would be great for kids on Halloween. You could wait for them with a staple gun. The nice ones you aim for there "Trick or Treat" bags and the ones ready to TP your house you could aim for.   

       Plus it would cause a mass case of office supply theft right before Oct 31st.
MrDaliLlama, Oct 20 2004


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