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sandwich staples

a better toothpick
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Sandwiches have a tendency to slide around and become "unlayered" in transit (while packed in a bag, while on their way to your table, ...). The usual solution to this problem is to spear the sandwich with a toothpick. The toothpick solution suffers from two flaws:

1. You have to remove it when you eat that part of the sandwich.

2. It sticks way out, making the sandwich hard to pack in a bag.

I propose, then, a "sandwich staple" which (like a regular staple) lies flat to the surface of the sandwich, and which is also made of an edible (and perhaps even tasty) substance, adding a little extra crunch to the experience but nothing worse.

egnor, Dec 06 2000

Wrap them in this http://www.halfbake...dea/Flavo-Packaging
[angel, Dec 06 2000, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Pita bread.
centauri, Dec 06 2000

       I once got a brass beebee in my sandwhich. I think you just need to truss your sandwhiches tighter: try trussing them with thin strands of pork fat. Improves the flavor, too.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       My wife came up with sandwich glue, which bested my pathetic idea of magnetic bread.
pogomo, Jun 24 2001

       Bind the sandwich like a parcel with lots of Twizzlers.
The Military, Jun 24 2001

       You could bind it with strips of nori (seaweed). Or just have sushi for lunch.
wiml, Jun 25 2001

       if you wrap up your sandwiches they shouldnt move at all
ellemay, Jul 06 2001

       Two interlocking L shaped pretzels. Each perforates the bread, makes a 90 degree turn, and interlocks with the other pretzel. For very large sandwiches four pretzels could be used. The pretzels will interlock using my newly devised Pretzel Locking system, soon to be posted as a seperate idea.
bungston, Jun 16 2003

       Who knew anyone in TheMilitary would come up with a creative masterpiece like licorice (red of course) bindings.
thecat, Jun 16 2003


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