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Chihuahua Punting

Helium filled double spheres with Chihuahua Pilot
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The main event at the soon to be implemented NASCAR halftime show ----- Chihuahua Punting.

I know this sounds cruel, but We'll try to make it as cool of an experience as we can for the little canine.

The punting vehicle, also known as the Perruna Balloona, is a double sphere of clear plastic.
The inner sphere (about 18" diameter) has a textured track that the Chihuahua can use to turn and steer the Perruna Balloona. It is accessed by a cylinder with an inner sphere vented closing hatch.
The outer sphere is also of clear plastic and has elliptical cup shaped fins along its prime meridian. The space between the inner and outer sphere is filled with helium.

The Perruna Ballona is about 4' in diameter and will be punted by the Human Impeture and then the Chihuahua takes over.
The Chihuahua will try to right the yaw and roll by precision placement of steps along the textured path along the meridian.
Once the Chihuahua does this, He or She begins the Hampster Wheel part of the Flight by rotating the Perruna Ballona and causing the cup fins to further propel the craft.

The landing should be nice and gentle, considering the Helium and the Human Punt Catcher at the other end of the track. (The Scooby Doo theme song will play for the duration of the flight).

(I don't know if this was already posted here, but I was inspired by an anno of [waugsqueke]'s on Dachschund Luge - I know it's mean, but I hadn't laughed aloud, for real, for months before reading that anno.)

Zimmy, Aug 26 2005

Dachshund Luge Dachshund_20Luge
Thank's for making me laugh, I needed it. [Zimmy, Aug 26 2005]

(?) Chihuahua Vacuum Chihuahua_20Vacuum
A reminder [DesertFox, Aug 30 2005]

Chihauhau Vacuum http://www.madvac.c...th-robotic-arm-lr50
Capable of dealing with even the most stubborn infestations. [8th of 7, Sep 25 2016]


       as long as they wear little chihuaha flying helmets and goggles
benfrost, Aug 26 2005

       Of course!
Zimmy, Aug 27 2005

       //has a textured track that the Chihuahua can use to turn and steer the Perruna Balloona//   

       Chihuahuas are well-known for their piloting skills.
crater, Aug 29 2005

       I read this as Painting
The Kat, Aug 29 2005

       Chihauhau Vacuum!!!!!!!
DesertFox, Aug 30 2005

       // Chihauhau Vacuum //   

       Sadly, the link to the "Chihauhau Vacuum" idea is now broken as it has been deleted.   

       This is most likely because the technology is now Baked and fully commercially available.   

8th of 7, Sep 25 2016

       ^ I saw a short video on a pest-control company that removes some sort of ground-critter (meerkat, groundhog, ground squirrel ?) using one of those machines. (sorry, can't remember which animal it was, so can't find a pointer to it)
FlyingToaster, Sep 25 2016


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