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Inflight Art Exhibition

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For domestic flights, organise an exhibition of approximately 30 artists - as many artists as there are seating rows on the plane. Each row has 6 seats, so each artist is asked to make this many works - all to the size of the fold out tray in front of each passenger.

The works can be on canvas, board or digital prints depending on the specific artist's work and are safely housed behind thin perspex to prevent theft, vandalism or food spillage.

Details of each of the works are shown beneath the image, and are also provided to the passenger before they board via the internet, telephone bookings and catalogue - such that if they wish - they can be seated in a particular artist's row.

All artworks are for sale with a commission that goes to the airline - not a money making endeavour as far as sales, but would create a lot of interest towards the airline who provides this inflight exhibition.

It would also open art appreciation up to a wider market - and in the 1 - 2 hour long flight the passenger has the opportunity to really look at artwork up close if they haven't had the chance to do so previously.

benfrost, Feb 20 2005

For example... http://www.badoual..../airplane_crash.jpg
Any bidders? [hippo, Feb 21 2005]


       people might want to keep swapping seats.
po, Feb 20 2005

       Reminds me of the way they have art auctions on cruise ships.
robinism, Feb 21 2005

       hippo - so thats what the pilots do up there. no wonder they lock the door.
benfrost, Feb 21 2005

       poems might be more practical although this has been widely baked for other modes of transport.
etherman, Feb 21 2005

       [look at artwork up close]. Ever since I learned that art is to be viewed at a distance to gain the artist's intended perspective, I have attached an old workboot to a swinging 2 X 4 in an eight foot area in front of my masterpieces. Would this apparatus fit on the plane in your design?
mensmaximus, Feb 21 2005


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