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ChildPlay mode for cell phone

Let your kid play with your phone
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My heir, who is 1.5 years old, loves to play with my million-buttoned cell phone, but I have to constantly supervise him playing with it to avoid accidental record deletion or setting the master lock password to something he wouldn't be able to tell me.

There is device-lock, of course, but it significantly reduces the fun because you don't get too much change on a locked device's screen.

So, it would be nice to have some sort of a read-only mode: everything is browsable but nothing can be deleted and no actual calls (except to the nana's phone) are placed.

xipetotec, Feb 15 2008


       Oh yes, we had this exact same problem. We found all sorts of new settings on the phone that we could reset only with the greatest difficulty. She loved playing with it so much that we let her. It was always a quiet fifteen minutes.
zeno, Feb 15 2008

       Yeah, I don't know whom the toy-phone makers expect to fool ;)   

       And for that matter, regular household objects turn out to be the best toys. A spoon and a sauce pot - who needs a stupid toy drum!
xipetotec, Feb 15 2008

       Put it into flight mode.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Feb 15 2008

       This could be good for adults too. There could be a completely separate "toy" mode which does things like display patterns which change in response to key presses, a tamagochi or something like the Boobah Zone.
nineteenthly, Feb 15 2008


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