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Click on for vibrate

For the cell phone
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For no other purpose than to use suprisingly while going down on a chick. Or for that matter for chicks who need a little vibration.
Antegrity, Apr 03 2006

Dictaphone oldie... http://www.writers-.../funny/story045.htm
[Ling, Apr 06 2006]


       I was scared to read this. It appears I was right.   

       If you are ever feeling sexist, just remember, your mother was a woman.
DesertFox, Apr 04 2006

jutta, Apr 04 2006

       It's just a small step, then, to build a mobile telephone into a real vibrator.
Finally you could say you are using a dictaphone.
Ling, Apr 04 2006

       But it does offer an obvoius comeback for those booty calls that just won't go away. "I'm horny, watcha going to do about it?"   

       "Stick your phone where the sun doesn't shine and I'll call you back in 5."   

       I'll get my coat.
neuro, Apr 04 2006

       Ling, that is the funniest anno I have read in a very, very long time.
blissmiss, Apr 04 2006

       [blissmiss], when I see an anno like that, my sarcasm alarm rings quite loudly.
Ling, Apr 06 2006

       No, [Ling] - I thought it was pretty funny too.
zen_tom, Apr 06 2006

       \\[blissmiss], when I see an anno like that, my sarcasm alarm rings quite loudly.\\ Ah, but does it also vibrate?
hidden truths, Apr 06 2006

       "Dictaphone", no really ling, very funny to me, I mean it.
blissmiss, Apr 06 2006

       It's an old joke, which I borrowed, I must admit.
Ling, Apr 06 2006

       //to use suprisingly//.... I'm trying to imagine what this new word "suprisingly" means in the context of descending on a freshly hatched hen. - pesky pedant at your service.
xenzag, Apr 06 2006

       Giving the rise of H5N1, I ain't goin' near no poultry, with or without a mobile phone.
coprocephalous, Apr 07 2006

       Odd you should say that [Murdoch]. A couple of weeks ago when trying to find a list of ideas that hadn't been annotated on, I came across an idea of this poster which had been fishboned to holy hell, and yet had no comments whatsoever - despite my suspicions that at the least, I for one, had commented on it.
hidden truths, Apr 07 2006

       Going down on a chick .. and Fishbones... very appropriate.
quantass, Mar 18 2008


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