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Childcare at the car pool

Dump kid and car at the same place
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There are parking lots near big roads but still in the middle of nowhere. They are meant for car pooling. People meet there from surrounding villages to park and hitch a ride with someone else. The idea is to put child care centers right next to the parking lots so people can drop off kids as they go to work.

No extra way to the child care center and kids could have larger play grounds because those places are outside of the expensive city. There may be some concern about exposure of the kids to exhaust fumes, but lead and the other unhealthy ingredients are gone (assuming working catalysts). They child care center could also be built a little up wind (main wind direction) from the lot and road.

kbecker, Mar 17 2004

(?) Childcare near public transit routes http://www.ridewise.org/childcare.shtml
Very similar concern. [jutta, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       [jutta], looks like the people in NJ are ahead of me. Never saw this up here in the North East even though there is often a loot of room around the car pool lots.
kbecker, Mar 17 2004


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