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free parking

free parking in a paid parking lot
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simple - drive up to the gate to get your ticket. the ticket machine knows there is actually a car there because the car is sitting on a capacitance plate. this capacitance plate is triggered by anything metalic (eg alloy scooter or shovel blade...) when its time to go home and you dont want to pay those outragious fees, roll onto the plate on your scooter (or shovel...) and get your ticket. now you can use this ticket instead of your old one.

also works with traffic lights and any other sort of capacitance plate set-ups.

disclaimer - well it works in australia at least...

ANDy4J, Mar 11 2004


       It's an old trick which has sometimes been countered by the use of less sensitive metal detectors. There was a car park that a bunch of us tried this on as students. We managed to make the bar rise using just 6 empty beer cans.
st3f, Mar 11 2004

       I know around here, the cops are pretty lax about motorcycles OCCASIONALLY proceeding on a red light because the capacitance systems are so old they won't chenge the light for motorcycles. I've been pulled over twice, and warned both times because of this.
Letsbuildafort, Mar 11 2004

       Inductance rather than capacitance, but that's a mere detail. This still works, and is decidedly more than half-baked.
Cosh i Pi, Apr 11 2007


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