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bump parking

special parking permits for pregnant ladies
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Similar to disabled parking places, near to the supermarket or shopping areas with an out line of a pregnant lady on the floor, making it easier for expecting mums to get their shopping.
gizmo, Dec 23 2001


       Supermarkets here have special parking near store fronts for mothers with small children, so it's probably just a matter of time til this is baked.
TeaTotal, Dec 23 2001

       "Bump?" Hehe.
bristolz, Dec 23 2001

       That was the idea, but with the pregnant link.
gizmo, Dec 23 2001

       At least one baby store chain does have an expectant mother parking section right next to the handicapped section. I think it's Baby Depot.
beauxeault, Dec 23 2001

       The Mother & Child spaces in the uk also cover pregnant omen. Certainly some tesco's stores mention expectant mothers.
CasaLoco, Dec 24 2001


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