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Childcare for Distance Learners

Grant degrees in child supervision online -- students pay for childcare with their tuition.
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We all know a parent or two that suffers from a want of decent childcare to allow time to work or meet other obligations. It hurts everyone when children are hastily nurtured by time-strapped parents. Not only does child care cost one's time, but also one's money. Rates for group childcare services in the US typically are hundreds of dollars a week, money that many cannot afford, which leaves less affluent parent out scrounging up relatives or out-of-school kids to babysit, or working abysmal schedules to get home before the child welfare agencies come unbidden.

Money is a huge issue, but money is easy to get -- ask Matthew Lesko -- and the government has megabucks give away for education. I propose an educational service that encourages parents or other well-meaning relatives to enroll in an online child supervision curriculum and to pay for it with student aid. Of course, childcare is free while parents are enrolled, and parents must have a child in care to enroll. At the end of the course of study, there is a degree in child supervision bestowed on the parent.

All coursework is completed online, on the phone, or by mailed-in objective tests. Progress is monitored closely -- parents must have a job and not enroll in childcare courses to pursue other schooling in unrelated degrees; nonetheless, taking coursework for advanced grant writing skills, professional continuing education, and doing field work at the parent's local childcare center is allowed and encouraged. This service should be started soon, while school financing is offered at very affordable repayment rates.

dpsyplc, Mar 10 2004

Le$ko http://www.matthew-lesko.com/
How to get a whole lotta money. [dpsyplc, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Part baked and very sensible!   

       In the UK Open University do social courses including child care. There is help with course costs if our on a low or no wage.   

       That’s enough free advertising for them.
j paul, Jun 10 2011


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