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China Helper

You talk, it tones
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I would love to learn how to speak Chinese, but I'm lucky if I can pronounce the crazy consonant and vowel sounds, let alone also manage the upward and downward inflections that are required in order to be understood.

The China Helper is a voice-modifying speaker that sits in front of your mouth. A wire runs down to your pocket where there is a four-button "keyboard", one for each of the four "tones".

Now your tongue can concentrate on saying "djang" instead of "dzhang", while you mentally control the inflection using your fingers.

phundug, Apr 23 2004


       There's a lot more between me and the Chinese languages (I know of Mandarin and Cantonese, are there others?) and myself than voice inflection.
Worldgineer, Apr 23 2004

       <cringe> I read the title and thought "this will be about an oriental version of Hamburger Helper™".
dpsyplc, Apr 23 2004


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