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écoutez et répétez the ipod video way

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I'll cut to the chase :

Either a slide show of written words accompanied by the mp3 of the word being spoken, or, a video of the same to be played on your ipod photo or ipod video, to aid the learning of a foreign language.

Apprenez une langue tout en voyageant.

jonthegeologist, Oct 20 2005

kurzweil 3000 http://www.kurzweil...mo/k3000demo20.html
[JesusHChrist, Oct 20 2005]


       kurzweil 3000 (link)
JesusHChrist, Oct 20 2005

       With a *beep* between slides? Bun if the slides scroll horizontally like a film-strip.
coprocephalous, Oct 20 2005

       sure, you can have a beep on the mp3 and easily set the scroll for horizontal...
jonthegeologist, Oct 20 2005

       I'd like to see lyrics presented a page at a time and synch highlighted like those pro karoake system do.
bristolz, Oct 21 2005


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