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Chocolate Leprechauns

For St. Patrick's Day
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As I write this all the stores are gearing up for Easter, with lots of chocolate bunnies and eggs and such easily find-able. But St. Patrick's Day is widely celebrated, too, at this time of year. Where are the chocolate leprechauns? And chocolate shamrocks, or even chocolate 4-leaf clovers?
Vernon, Mar 16 2015

chocolate covered coins for St. Patty's Day http://www.amazon.c...Coins/dp/B0038QO4RI
[xandram, Mar 16 2015]

Chocolate coated leprechauns http://chocolatewor...eprechaun-p252.html
For St Patrick's day [xenzag, Mar 16 2015]

Chocolate Potatoes http://www.amazon.c...atoes/dp/B004JMX77I
[hippo, Mar 16 2015]

Green Chocolate http://www.fondue4y...-fondue-4lb-bag.cfm
Obviously this would be appropriate for St. Patrick's Day, also. [Vernon, Mar 17 2015]

Fermenting and Chocolate http://www.foodrepu...y-am-i-paying-14-ba
According to this, chocolate is normally fermented somewhat during the typical making process. My questioning annotation, however, is about fermenting the finished product, which has a lot of sugar in it.... [Vernon, Mar 18 2015]


       Saint Patrick's Day is for Beer, although chocolate would be nice! +
xandram, Mar 16 2015

       [xandram], if they take milk chocolate and ferment it until it is about 6% alcohol (about same as beer or ale), what do they call it?
Vernon, Mar 16 2015

       They're magically delicious.
popbottle, Mar 17 2015

       [Vernon] I don't know!
xandram, Mar 17 2015

       Green chocolate makes me want to heave. So does too much beer, but that's another story.
blissmiss, Mar 18 2015


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