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chocolate tyres with details
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I remember very clearly the joy of unwrapping a Wagon Wheel chocolate biscuit (see link if I can find)

Choctyres are simply an updated version of the same idea.

Choose the comparatively skinny mountain bike, or go all out for the chunky tractor tyre. Each tyre comes with a sprinkling of various flavours embedded between the treads. Horror range has mashed up fake road kill bits for added colour and flavour.

"Two Double Axle, road train rear wheels please" - "With or without the flattened hedgehogs?

xenzag, Oct 27 2012

Wagon Wheels http://img.thesun.c...els_380_889879a.jpg
they don't look much like wagon wheels..... [xenzag, Oct 27 2012]

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       [+] mmmm
FlyingToaster, Oct 27 2012


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