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Choke Points

Inspired by the "Stinger"
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Automobile chases occasionally end in disaster, killing innocent pedestrians or drivers. To limit the suffering, I propose installing police-activated spike strips that pop out of the pavement, poking holes in the tires of the perpetrators. The strip can be activated and retracted via satellite.
Cuit_au_Four, Nov 11 2005

Stinger http://en.wikipedia...tinger_%28police%29
This device. [Cuit_au_Four, Nov 11 2005]


       They have moblie stingers virtually everywhere and having them built into the road wouldnt help. Youi would cause many more accidental tire burst to inocent people through accidents than you would stop chases.   

       Also, satelite comunication is unreliable on coudy days
miasere, Nov 11 2005

       "Ok, stinger spikes up....car stopped....oh...oh dear. Cloud cover just drifted over the link.   

       *screeching and crashing sounds*   

       This could be a major traffic issue for the next 2 hours..."
Germanicus, Nov 11 2005


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