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Cruise Control Memory

Save gas going to work in the morning.
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I've noticed that the cruise control on my car not only makes it easier and more convenient to maintain my speed while driving, but also, when I use the "accelerate" button to speed up, it automatically accelerates at a more fuel efficient rate than I do manually.

I drive the same way to work every morning, and every morning I have to accelerate to the same speed limit (70 mph) to get there, and I have to do it manually because my cruise control automatically resets every time I turn off the ignition, and I have to first accelerate manually to the speed I want in order to set it. Every time.

I'd like a button that allows me to set the speed limit, and every morning simply press the "memory" button and let the fuel efficient cruise control handle the acceleration.

21 Quest, Aug 29 2006


       Nice. How about a few different presets? Maybe be on the steering wheel. Say five of them. For the different speeds you drive on roads with different speed limits. Press and hold stores the speed, a press selects it, just like a radio.

       Oh, it just occurred to me. Car manufacturers probably aren't building this because someone is going blame an "unintended acceleration" on this. Argh.
jmvw, Aug 30 2006

       you've got a fancy car [quest]. mine's got a cruise control button, and stepping on either pedal makes it turn off. i got no stinking accelerate or memory features.
tcarson, Aug 30 2006

       When mine accelerates back up to speed, it scares me. I want something more fuel-efficient. I could probably set that, somehow. [+]
baconbrain, Aug 30 2006

       I am going to save gas by not going to work.
xandram, Aug 30 2006

       //I am going to save gas by not going to work.//

       Hear! Hear! (or is it "Here! Here!" ?) Best idea I've read os far. I don't care if it does turn into a "let's all".

       Can't you turn the cruise control on at any speed above 20mph or so, set it and then hit the accelerate button until you reach the cruising speed? That way you use the car's gas saving acceleration module in cruise control mode.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Aug 30 2006

       You've got a fancy car [tcarson]. Mine doesn't even have cruise control or air conditioning! I can see an application for this, so bun. But there needs to be some heavy legal stuff.
silverstormer, Aug 30 2006

       It would be great for 'driving' an unoccupied (except maybe for the trunk/boot contents) car off a cliff. No need for the driver to leap out at the last minute. Just reach in through an open window of the initially stationary car and hit the 'go' button.
Texticle, Aug 30 2006

       [NotTheSharpestSpoon], theres an idea in there. Albeit [xandram] had it first.

       What if we all took a day off at the same time? Why, the Teamster's Union would have nothing on us! We could bring commerce to it's knees! (I'm not exactly certain what we'd be striking for, though - better conditions, more pay, recognition...) I think I'll see if this has been halfbaked before.
normzone, Aug 30 2006


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