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Christmas Tree Roots

The whole thing.
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Some hipsters and retailers this Christmas hung their trees upsidedown, or displayed special artifical trees meantto stand on their tips. I propose that if displayed in this way, the tree should come with roots still attached. Trees grown for upsidedown display would be planted in sandy soil, to encourage large ramifying roots,and facilitate washing off the soil. The roots might be trimmed into a mirror image of the tree and decorated appropriately to symbolize celestial and chthonic, the yin and yang of tree.
bungston, Dec 31 2005

Upside-down trees http://www.usatoday...ristmas-trees_x.htm
[bungston, Dec 31 2005]


       antichristmas tree
JesusHChrist, Dec 31 2005

       I like it [+]. How about having *just* the roots... and displaying them sideways... and attaching a motor that rotates them. Oh, sorry, I've gone too far.
berno, Dec 31 2005


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