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Cigar Ninjas

Smoke cigars and never run out
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Once purchased this obscenely expensive cigar may be misplaced or destroyed but it will never be burned through. If the original owner smokes most of it and sets it down, however briefly and in whatever circumstance, the moment he blinks or looks away it will be renewed to a full length, already lit version. Attempting to watch an undying cigar (tm) through to its last wisp may be hazardous to one's health.
Voice, Dec 25 2021


       How about thinking about HOW, instead of WON'T?
I'm thinking that the cigar doesn't actually burn (maybe re-fillable fuel does...), but has a tungsten mesh tip (heated, glowing) & slowly retracts into itself as it goes. When "put down", it reverses & grows (on the assumption that when it's down, you're not paying any attention to it). Trying to cram a face-tracking camera(s) into it is probably a bit much.
neutrinos_shadow, Dec 26 2021

       // How does it work? // Isn't that obvious from the title. The Cigar Ninjas swap it out when you aren't looking.
scad mientist, Dec 26 2021

       Hush; we do not speak of the Cigar Ninjas!   

       Having said that, swarming microbots might provide a better service, simply because they have more places to hide.
pertinax, Dec 26 2021

       I'm very pro-ninja in this format - I think there's an interesting concept to be explored here. It's like what they say about silver service at super-posh restaurants, everything appears without you ever having to think about it. Good service should be imperceptible, be it implemented as microbots, mind-reading augmented reality, elvenfolk or a lo-fi army of specially trained ninja.
zen_tom, Dec 26 2021

       Ooh... ninjas vs. elves. This could get interesting. (scribbles notes of potential movie plotlines...)   

       I mean, orcs were always just so oafish as a credible threat.
RayfordSteele, Dec 26 2021

       "Hear that, Shagrat? I'm gonna spit in 'is soup."
pertinax, Dec 26 2021

       *Holds up small glowing vial..."
RayfordSteele, Dec 27 2021


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