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Cigarette Variety Multi-Pack

Carton of assorted Cigarettes.
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4 weeks after giving up and i think of this. Oh the irony... Anyway. Cigarettes come in cartons of 10 Packs. In a similar fashion to those mini-breakfast cereal packets, cigs could be sold in a variety multi pack. For example, 5 packs Marlboro lights (or whatever your everyday brand is) 1 pack Bensons (for those 'special' hand rolled cigarettes), 1 pack Menthol for say bad breath days, 1 pack Red Marlboro for really bad days, silk cut for on those days where the mantra is 'i want to give up but this is the closest i'm going to get to it today' etc...

This could be expanded to a kind of pick-and-mix and you could make your own multi-pack.

I do realise that you could of course just by the individual packets but this is a cost/convenience thing.

dja, Mar 19 2001

Cigarette Pack Art/Collection http://jas.faximum.com/jas.d/lib_foil.htm
Way too much free time [thumbwax, Mar 19 2001, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       It would be fun to sneak in one of those bubble-gum cigarettes that they used to make. Try lighting one of those up.
pnewp, Mar 19 2001

       Or put in small firecrackers in the cigarettes. They'd be called AfroAssault Slims.
Wes, Mar 20 2001

       Telling you: don't follow the bidis link, don't smoke bidis. They're cruddy little tiny rolled leaves with maybe a tiny bit of tobacco, and they're held together with a little piece of string. Uggrgrhh. Maybe good if you're really fiending, but otherwise... And if you just want something to smoke, try Honeyrose. They're clove with rose, no tobacco at all.
evanescent, Mar 20 2001

       AfroAssault slims... I like that
AfroAssault, Apr 24 2001


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