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Pestañeo Cigars

Cuban Cigars assembled 200 miles offshore of Cuba
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A retired oil tanker is fitted for Cigar rolling operations to take place offshore in the Caribbean roughly around a spot between The Yucatan, The Caymans, and Cuba.
Tobacco is ferried in from Cuba & assembled at Pestañeo Operations and all cigars are marked Assembled in Caribbean Waters.
The US market is flooded with "Caribbean Waters" High quality cigars before legislation can be passed to prevent it.
Zimmy, Jul 24 2005


       I use Character Map, which is sometimes hidden in Windows accessory programs. You can see the various characters in various fonts, and select, copy and paste. It also gives the key-combination-codes for each character. Ñ ñ é
baconbrain, Jul 24 2005

       Much Much Thanks to all! ([baconbrain] & [jutta]) Cut & Paste didn't work the last time I tried to do this. (probably with a different browser.)
Zimmy, Jul 24 2005

DesertFox, Aug 23 2005

       This idea does not understand trade embargo's
Antegrity, Aug 23 2005

       Sorry if the idea doesn't, I do & despise it.
Zimmy, Aug 23 2005

       "Tobacco is ferried in from Cuba..."
...and the ferry never returns,its captain and occupants having docked in Miami.
phoenix, Aug 23 2005

       Well [Zimmy] I think you have grasped the idea of trade embargo's perfectly and applaud you for trying to find a way to circumvent them.
Susan, Aug 24 2005


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