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City-wide sprinklers

Detect fires and pour water around them
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Instead of underground, I propose that a city's fire-fighting water pipes be installed high up, like electrical lines. When a fire is detected in a house, a pre-emptive heavy shower on and around the house will keep it from spreading to other buildings. It would also help keep down the smoke and maybe help burned people leaving the building. Heavy fines for spoofing the system for free lawn-watering.

To those who misunderstood: Please read the idea again. I never said it would put out house fires, only prevent more of them, keep down the smoke.. oh just read the thing. Its up ^--there.

Voice, Aug 15 2008

Fire hydrants http://www.ccmr.cor...index.html?quid=396
[leinypoo13, Aug 15 2008]


       The source of the water to the pipes would have to be buried underground and activated in case of a fire or else they would freeze. Uh right?   

       Plus I read that fire fighting pipes are the same as municipal pipes so the pressure would be to low without a pump.
leinypoo13, Aug 15 2008

       By the time that the outside of the house is engulfed, it's usually too late, which is why all buildings should have mandated sprinker systems, including houses.   

       Sprinking water on the house will pretty much be usesless, which is why firefighters are usually directing the water inside the house through a window, at the core of the fire.
Giblet, Aug 15 2008

       Not much to look at.
jurist, Aug 17 2008

       //Sprinking water on the house will pretty much be usesless,//   

       - except in case of bush fires, which do attack houses from the outside, not the inside (and can sometimes reach cities). Though, even then, you'd want to detect a fire approaching a house, not a fire *in* the house.
pertinax, Aug 17 2008


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