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ejectable highrise space

For emergencies, or bad tenants.
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Imagine a highrise fire, Oops! and the thing is spreading upward! Suddenly, the portions that are on fire, suddenly pop out! descending 20 stories straight onto the sidewalk. The floorspace is comparmentalized, and includes wheels that allow it to be Popped out. A large airbag set off remotely, or by temperature, will inflate, pushing the entire floor section to be plummeted onto unforgiving concrete. Whoooosh! huge flaming fireball-hunk-of- metal-thingy hits the ground, in the middle of the street.

Also useful for evicting bad tenants. I mean, their space. For bad tenants, you can have it tethered, so that it acts like a dump truck, ejecting all the contents, then slowly lifted and pulled back into place.

Please follow all local, state and federal laws and regulations, and have a nice day!

twitch, Oct 22 2009


       This should involve air-bag-like hot-air balloons; I mean, given that there's all that heat from the fire, we might as well use it for something.
pertinax, Oct 26 2009

       It would be more exciting if they ejected upwards with rockets
pocmloc, Oct 26 2009

       standardizing these compartments means that, within buildings that support these standards, you can move your whole housing unit with you. There will then come a time where many of these compartment residents cannot afford space within highrises, forcing them out into the country sides, gaining their new monikers: compartment trash.
twitch, Oct 27 2009


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