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City Translator App For GPS Map Program

Associates cities on your route with ones from your area that you're familiar with.
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The app would take each city on the map and compare crime rate statistics to ones in your area. This would prevent trevelers from stumbling into horrible sh*tholes that are best driven by without stopping.

You'd start by inputting where you're from. When you drive across country, or drive in a different country, cities popping up on the map would have the most similar city that you'd be familiar with in parentheses after it.

"Hey honey, the sign says 'Hawaiian Gardens: 10 miles'. That sounds nice, let's stop and have dinner and a luau! I wonder if happy islanders will greet us with flowered leis? Oh wait, check the note. 'Hawaiian Gardens (East Palo Alto)' Never mind. Just lock the doors and keep your eye on the gas gauge."

doctorremulac3, Sep 13 2012

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