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City Wars

RTS and turn based game
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A computer game where cities in the future become nation states and grow to the point where they begin to expand by war and other means. After the great war of 2150, when China attacked the United States, the cities became their own kingdoms and started to spread their wings by building up air forces, armies, and other devices. In this game the player will be able to pick from fifty major cities (NYC, L.A. Miami), build up their defenses, manpower, and economy and then either get attacked or go on the offensive. Each city has certain things that are in their favor; for example New York shock troops can advance in cold weather, Miami is good during rain storms, and L.A. has the famous rich that can buy more arms and goods. Also, it takes alot more hits to wear down Nyc than Las Vegas due to manpower. Graphics can be set to max, which allows birdseye view of the battles, including the blowing up of the Empire state, or the blasting of the beaches of San Diego.
Dogcat, Mar 19 2008

Not exactly the same story line, but people have gone down that road before. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spindizzy
You leave our beaches alone ! [normzone, Mar 19 2008]


       I would bun a variant called Cul-de-Sac wars, where neighborhood associations become evangelical and attempt to spread their own neighborhood association rules by fire and sword.
bungston, Mar 19 2008

       Sounds like Civ. III.
RayfordSteele, Mar 19 2008

       2150? It'll either be earlier or never.
david_scothern, Mar 20 2008

       I'm bunning this to give you one idea tthat has no bones.
Voice, Mar 25 2008


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