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Command and Conquer: World War Z

Count your bullets.
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Years pass, and the Command and Conquer engine remains pretty sweet. Maybe it is the apogee of that type of game. It has been a while since they did anything with it.

I recently read World War Z, about the public heath implication, geopolitics, and military strategy of a world ravaged by the zombie plague. It is amazing how the writer takes a concept so ridiculous and brings it to life (sorry). The book is high scifi wearing the leather bustier and bandolier of low scifi.

In any case, the game format of Command and Conquer would lend itself well to the events depicted in the book. Contain the zombies as they cross into Turkmenistan. Prevent zombies from entering Iran without triggering a nuclear war with Pakistan. Evacuate Japan. Retake the UK, starting from the ancient hill forts. Win PR victories in the US using flashy laser antizombie weapons. At the same time, battle rogue states resisting reintegration and hordes of feral humans and animals.

I have linked up the WWZ site - pretty flashy for a book, so I suspect a movie is coming.

bungston, Apr 09 2007

World War Z http://www.randomho...om/crown/worldwarz/
[bungston, Apr 09 2007]

World War Z http://www.sfsite.com/12a/ww237.htm
SFSite review. [DrBob, Apr 10 2007]

Zombies!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombies!!!
Classic boardgame. Make sure it's your friends who have their brains eaten whilst you head for the helicopter. [DrBob, Apr 10 2007]


       Sounds doubly derivative, but also sounds like an interesting game.
DrCurry, Apr 09 2007

       I see myself as a matchmaker. (breaks into "Hello, Dolly", with lascivious lyric substitutions)
bungston, Apr 09 2007

       I've never been very keen on C & C type games. They never seem to get the scale of things right. Also, the strategy part of RTS always seems to go awol.

Having said that, I can see that RTS zombie hordes terrorizing civilians on a global map might work rather well.
DrBob, Apr 10 2007

       I was pondering this one again. I think the maps could be adapted from Google Earth. One could use details from real cities / landscapes. It would also offer good practice in selecting real life sites defensible from zombie hordes.
bungston, Sep 19 2008


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