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City sweating

Add city water misting devices all over the city.
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I live in Houston Tx and it's about to get real hot. The humidity is allready 95% through most of the summer. What type of local climate change would occur. If you were to do this. I'm talking thousands of misting device.

The evaporation and then extra cloud cover and then maybe rain. would help keep the city cool.

I allready see some devices that spray roof tops used by business.

If everyone used these devise what kind of local climate changes would take place.

I can see it now {NEWS AT 5oclock} Due to Houston cooling down methods Tornados have become a common occurance to the small northern cities.

matthewmorgan, May 02 2007

(?) Mist Cooling http://www.nwmist.com/cooling.htm
[nuclear hobo, May 03 2007]


       what's a city water misting device?
phundug, May 02 2007

       Youve never seen one? There all over Arizona at outside malls. They were even using them in San Antonio. I remember them first coming out in the 90's and most amuzement parks.   

       They put a very fine mist into the air.
matthewmorgan, May 02 2007

       Do you have that much water to spare? If so, go for it! Let's alter the climate!
DrCurry, May 02 2007

       Lowest recorded in past 5 years was 31 inches.   

       If every roof top had a rain water harvesting system, that stored the water sure there would be plenty.   

       Yes your right 95% humidty leaves little room for evaporation. This also means it wouldn't take much more to get to 100%   

       On those 100 degree days water just sizzle of cars and side walks.
matthewmorgan, May 02 2007

       The Moors in particular were particularly good water-workers, channelling snow-melts down from mountain peaks into otherwise arid areas in order to irrigate fields, and to cool their living spaces with fountains and water gardens. [+] for extending their ideas into the 21st century.
zen_tom, May 02 2007

       Baked. [link]
nuclear hobo, May 03 2007

       Thanks hobo those are the mist'ers I was refering to.
matthewmorgan, May 07 2007

       //The Moors in particular were particularly good water-workers// I remember misters being used at the Expo in Seville (Spain) in the early 90's. Though I suspect the Moors had been gone a while by then.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, May 07 2007

       The rain in Spain falls mainly on the Spaniards.
FlyingToaster, May 11 2016


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