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Civilization V: Torches and Pitchforks

A Civilization V add-on
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This add-on, expansion pack, DLC, or mod would add to the game features as described below.

It would vastly expand the "happiness" functionality.

Besides the external (to the civilization) diplomacy each society has its own beliefs and politics as determined by AI depending on all factors in the game. For example when you found a city some citizens want to build a monument, some want to build a scout. There are various factions: militarists, expansionists, humanists, nationalists, and so forth, overlapping where applicable. Ignoring their wishes works up to a point. If you do things the people don't like too often depending on military strength in your city, happiness, and the militancy of the factions you can lose production, happiness or even, in extreme cases, spark a rebellion. If you do things they do like they're happy and productive, but will expect you to continue to do things they like. At which point it's harder to ignore them without consequence. Obvious associations with ideology and religion apply. A choice of five additional religious ideologies are provided. Two at founding, two at enhancement, and one if selected from the religious social policy tree. These relate to how pacifist, obedient, productive (as relates to the player) and inclined to rebel the people are.

Voice, May 02 2015


       You could do this in FreeCiv.   

       While you're in there, could you fix the AI_LOVE logic, too?
pertinax, May 03 2015

       It would be interesting (in the Chinese sense of the word), if the game itself could rebel against you, the player, if you made decisions it didn't like. Being too horrible, or not horrible enough to your virtual citizens? Then the game AI will sabotage your game play by secretly re-mapping the 'build temple' key to 'launch all missiles'!
DrBob, May 04 2015


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