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Clean hand identifier

Are the cooks hands clean????
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Okay this is my first post, "Please be gentle" I went to a local restaurant yesterday and quickly dismissed eating there. The cook was in the bathroom stall next to me, and as he left he took a piece of paper towel, blew his nose, tossed it in the trash, and proceeded to walk out of the room without washing his hands. NO HAND WASHING, NOTHING! He didn't even look at the sink! As I hastilly left the diner after letting the manager know, I had a brainstorm. This is what I came up with. There is a thing called "Biometric identification". I suggest we take this one step further, and have the scanner which you stick your hand in identify if your hand has been thoroughly washed.We can use this technology to see the dirt and germs on the human hand. This in combination with an automatic door lock that only unlocks when the clean hand is inserted in the identification area, and is clean, will keep the usual unclean suspect from leaving the bathroom with out clean hands.
Dumb But Tough, Jan 20 2006

Biometric Identification http://www.altisinc...ric/techniques.html
[Dumb But Tough, Jan 20 2006]

Halfbakery: Handwashing Enforcement Handwashing_20Enforcement
Another solution to the same problem. [jutta, Jan 21 2006]

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       Not bad, a bun for you.   

       Welcome to the Halfbakery.
MikeOxbig, Jan 21 2006

       Sorry, but biometric identification doesn't do anything even vaguely related to what you need it to do.
jutta, Jan 21 2006

       <gentle mode:ON>   

       Welcome to the HB. Are you sure there wasn't a sterile wash station in the kitchen? If you *had* seen him wash his hands and then *not* seen him pick some fluff out of his arse back in the kitchen, would you have been happy to eat there?   

       Would you be happy to have a Health Department audit of your own family's cooking and toilet habits, across a period of weeks?   

       </gentle mode:OFF>
ConsulFlaminicus, Jan 21 2006

       Jutta,as for the biometric point of view, the soloution lies within the "area of" biometrics. You stick your hand in a box it scans your hand to identify bacteria and germs.
Dumb But Tough, Jan 21 2006

       I think if all the halfbakers ever got together in one place (and by all, I mean most) either no one would shake hands, we would just glare balefully at each others (presumed filthy) hands, or we'd never see each other at all, what with everyone being in the bathroom washing their hands all day in order to get by all the different cleanliness sensors. Unless we were renting the largest unisex bathroom ever, then no problem.   

       That said: Welcome to the HB [Dumb But Tough], nice idea.
PollyNo9, Jan 21 2006


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