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Clear Popcorn Bags

Imagine the excitement! Now you can watch as your corn is popped properly.
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It took me a while till I figured out the perfect time setting for my microware to get most of the bag of popcorn popped. This Idea came to me when my daughter said “I can’t see it popping.” Why don’t they make a clear bag to pop the corn in the microwave? The first advantage is that you could tell when you popped the most of the corn. The second would be the entertainment value of watching it all happen. Finally, for you butter lovers, you could put tons of butter on the corn without worrying about it leaking through the bag.
crabbie, Mar 12 2003

This material might do the job http://www.reynolds...oven_bags/index.asp
Reynold's Oven Bags [half, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Transparent microwave popcorn popping bowl. http://www.epinions...6505-38CD9E72-prod2
[beauxeault, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       Wax paper type bag may work (the wax can't melt). Of course colors for the holidays. Maybe you could just make a plastic box with a slot for corn and butter (just like an air popper) and eat it right out of the box. Only problem is you'd have to clean the box. Better make it dishwasher safe or I am going out to the movies.
crabbie, Mar 12 2003

       <whisper> You aren't supposed to eat the bowl part, [BC] </whisper>
8th of 7, Mar 12 2003

half, Mar 12 2003

       Plastic transparent packaging is easily available for use in the microwave. Good idea..
DRudge, Mar 12 2003

       It's not a bag, but I once owned a transparent plastic bowl with a depression in the bottom, made specifically for popping loose popcorn. The depression holds the unpopped kernels and oil, and the bowl receives the popped corn. The depression is specially shaped with lots of right angles to concentrate the microwaves on the unpopped kernels. And yes, you could see the corn popping and tell by looking when it was mostly done.
beauxeault, Mar 12 2003

       Wouldn't it fill with steam?
Kumawktopus, Jun 09 2015

       Uh, surely you just wait until you can't hear any more popping?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 09 2015


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