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New Popcorn Holder

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I'm picturing something like a Pringles tube, only styrofoam, with popcorn in the bottom. You could pop it in the microwave and eat it like normal. The only difference would be that the popcorn on top would keep the popcorn under it warm. When you reach the bottom, it would still be warm. Maybe it could function like a thermos. If you can't eat it all, just put the lid back on and it'll stay warm for a few hours, thanks to the Styrofoam. Why? Because most bags and buckets don't hold in heat, and bowls have a too-large surface area, letting heat escape.
rooney, Oct 28 2003


       Make it a tub. No one will bother with a little bit of popcorn.   

       You've just reminded me of another idea I had, so I'm off to post...
phoenix, Oct 28 2003

       If you keep the popcorn hot, won't it end up tasting like the gruesome muck they serve in cinemas?
DrCurry, Oct 28 2003

       If you feel the same way about popcorn I do, this would have to take the form of a helmet mount, with enough volume to feed you through a chute. I can eat popcorn until I'm nauseated, wait ten minutes, then start again....
normzone, Oct 28 2003

       Phoenix: That's the point. Tubs have too much surface area. By the time you eat one area, the other is cold.   

       And normzone...AWESOME idea! Post it!!!
rooney, Oct 29 2003

       That's a good point [shift], how do you apply the mandatory butter evenly if it is a container shaped like a Pringles can?   

       I don't think you could make a microwave container out of styrofoam that wouldn't impart a plastic taste to the popcorn when popped. The oil is just too hot.
Cedar Park, Oct 30 2003

       "Tubs have too much surface area."
I think you'll find your skinny tube has a greater surface to volume ratio than a larger cylinder. I was thinking more about the use of styrofoam than the size of the container.
phoenix, Oct 30 2003


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