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Clever Clock Clearance

Our glass auction
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“Ladies and gentlemen, we will now continue with the Tout Doit Disparaître estate’s excellent hourglass collection. Please prepare your bids for the following items:”

“Item number 118, pictured below, is a rare snowball hourglass from the early fifties. The liquid-filled crystal globes rest in a bakelite base and handle. When turned, not shaken, the snow flakes collect above the glass waist, to then fall for fifteen minutes over the pastoral, alternative city landscape.”

“This next piece is a contemporary lava lamp hourglass which eliminates the need for turning. The unit periodically warms and cools, to float small wax bubbles to the upper bulb for five minutes and sink them, respectively. A mesmerizing display as I’m sure you agree.”

“The Monsieur’s napping glasses, item 120, is a novel hourglass with coral pink sand trapped between the lenses and parallel, un-ground glass planes. As was the fashion of a midday nap at the desk, one dozed with the head turned to one side, without removing the spectacles. The fine sand is filtered through the frame over the bridge of the nose to allow a quarter of an hour rest in each direction.”

“The next timepiece is an exquisite Seasons hourglass of Belgian design with a tiny heater/freezer unit between the globes. Containing air, water and identical scenes at both its ends, the illusion of a summer shower or a winter blizzard is achieved with perfection. In one direction, a mist falls over the miniscule village, and when upended, the clock sends particles of frost drifting over the trees and housetops.”

FarmerJohn, Aug 28 2003

snowball hourglass depiction http://www.geocitie...nie/timesmoney.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       whats the starting price for the snowball?
po, Aug 29 2003

       [po] "We have a starting bid of 2000 by the countess in the napping glasses."   

       [UB] Luckily, I don't have to look too far.
FarmerJohn, Aug 29 2003

       It would look nicer and last longer than most hour glasses. +
sartep, Aug 29 2003


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