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dice clock

roll the time
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Individual dice with mechanically shifted weights inside that are coordinated via radio transmission. Two red 6-sided dice (or one 12-sided die), one green six-sided die, and a blue 10-sided die. Or whatever color/die configuration pleases you.

To get the time, you pull them out of your pocket, roll the dice together, and they all land with the weights down, showing the correct time on top. If you have the set with the second dice, they continue to roll about rhythmically, counting the seconds until blue ticks off another minute.

nomocrow, Jun 03 2009

Platonic solid http://en.wikipedia...wiki/Platonic_solid
" Just friends, sir! " [normzone, Jun 05 2009]


       This, my friend, is brilliant. [+]
Except I don't like 10-sided dice - not a platonic solid :( just use a 12-sided with 2 'ignored' faces. (Sorry, I 'm a mathematician - platonic solids are my friends...)
neutrinos_shadow, Jun 03 2009

       Nomoc - that is a stuningly good idea!
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 03 2009

       This would also mean that dice could made to produce any desired roll, which could have numerous applications ...
Aristotle, Jun 03 2009

       multiple practical obstacles, but very beautiful
loonquawl, Jun 04 2009

       Like it. [+]   

       BTW, I read this as Dice Clock without the 'L'. Was wondering how it would work?
theleopard, Jun 04 2009

       (What? "Die Clock" - a single 1,440-sided die, each face showing a time value - to the nearest minute - over a 24-hour period?)

Excellent idea [+]
hippo, Jun 04 2009


       Good stuff. [+]
shudderprose, Jun 04 2009

       I very much like this idea, but I'm out of time...Too busy to bun. (pulls out dice and throws in the air...)   

       Oh wait, I do have a minute to spare +
blissmiss, Jun 04 2009

       I'm sure there is also a version of a time indicating device to be thought of that features the act of juggling. +
xenzag, Jun 04 2009

       [+] Way cool :)   

       neutrinos_shadow, If you have a dislike of 10-sided dice, wouldn't it be preferable to use a 20-side die, with each digit appearing twice?
goldbb, Jun 04 2009

       Love the idea of the seconds dice...it's possessed!
simonj, Jun 05 2009

       Big sticky bun.   

       ...That said, I'm not sure how the two red 6-sided dice can be used to indicate 0-12 hours... Because of course if you're saying D1+D2 you could never have 1 o'clock...   

       Or is it friday and I'm just not getting it today...
Custardguts, Jun 05 2009

       very unique idea +
Zuzu, Jun 05 2009

       Excellent idea. I'd buy some. I'm unclear on what the blue one's for, though. [+]
fischerman, Mar 25 2011

       'd be happy with 2 12-sided dice: the minutes would be to the nearest 5 minutes.   

       Or a single pair of regular (6 sided) dice: the first throw is hours, the second minutes (to the nearest 5)
FlyingToaster, Mar 25 2011

       There's nothing in the idea that states the numbering scheme on the hour dice has to be the traditional 1 thru 6. Signifying the hours from 0:00 thru 11:59 could be achieved thus:
Die #1 Die #2
__0__ __0__
__1__ __1__
__2__ __2__
__3__ __4__
__4__ __5__
__5__ __6__

       How to indicate AM vs PM? Make the hour dice out of a clear acrylic and enclose a miniature LED that changes colour: amber for AM, purple for PM for example.   

       As for setting the clock, the dice themselves are simply a display medium, being obviously not large enough contain the required time-keeping technology. We could easily solve this problem with a carrying case. Something in a nice simulated leather, perhaps.   

       The case would contain the time-keeping mechanism and a transmitter. The dice would receive and react to signals from the case. To prevent the dice from trying to roll when stored away, the transmitter will shut off while the case is closed.
Canuck, Mar 25 2011

       Four 6-sided dice.
12 hours:
[0] [1] [6] [7] [8] [9]
[0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
60 minutes (to nearest 5):
[0] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
[0am] [5am] [0noon] [0midnight] [0pm] [5pm]

       As well as moving the weight to make them roll the desired number, make them also move little magnets, so they will clump together only in the correct order.   

       The leather carrying case could also have an induction charger to power the capacitor-battery for a couple of throws, and could also double as the throwing cup (is there a technical term for that?)
pocmloc, Mar 25 2011


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