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Climate Controlled Bath

Needs a make-over
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Been a while since the common or garden (expression only) bath got a bit of a make-over. The biggest problem I have with the bath is that i usually pour it too hot to get into it and when I've been in it for more than 10 mins, it's bloody cold.

I would like a simple device which attatchs to the taps. It would have a teperature gauge and add cold/hot water as required to keep the bath at a constant teperature. You could pre-set it when filling so as not to scald yourself.

I think this would be much more cost effective than the electric heating solutions in this category. And it can be added to your existing bath. Also would be useful for those with kids.

etherman, Aug 25 2004

[bristolz] drawing http://bz.pair.com/fun/bath.html
Always liked this one. Probably electric though. [Worldgineer, Oct 17 2004]

Japanese Baths http://joi.typepad....atsushita_herq.html
Not a retro fit but heated all the same. [Emi-chan, Oct 17 2004]


       Does this also work with House, Crane, and Lesser Spotted baths?
spiritualized, Aug 25 2004

       Also, replace the plug with a pipe the height of the maximum desired fill level, so that as hot water was added, so cooler water disappeared down the plughole.
david_scothern, Aug 25 2004

       but surely warm water would rise to the surface and disapear first. if the temperature is controlled then there is no need to get rid of cold water. The pipe plug thing is well baked... often in laboratory sinks that I have encountered.
etherman, Aug 25 2004

       //much more cost effective// I suppose that depends on the efficiency of your hot water heater, doesn't it? The first thing that honestly came to mind was the small glass heating tube you often find in fish-tanks. [+] (and it's always open-topped!)
contracts, Aug 25 2004

       I was referring to the other ideas in the category hich have elements trying to heat water in an open topped bath tub. Surely your domestic water heater is going to be more efficient then that... I am guessing.   

       Actually bath covers have been around since the early 19th century <contracts>. You can still get them, they used to be wooden, now you can get stretch elasticated material ones and all sorts.
etherman, Aug 25 2004

       Interesting design <world engineer> but my thing is not to add an additional source of heat but to regulate the supply of heated water more effectively. We already have a way of heating large amounts of water in our homes, but not an automatic way of controlling its use in heating the bath. Nice bidet link <bwv61> I never knew the origin of the word bidet, bizarre and intriguing.
etherman, Aug 27 2004

       [Etherman], you have succesfully described a Japanese bath.   

       The baths in Japan are always full, and kept at a constant warmish temperature, which means they heat up to bathing temperature real quick. They also have filters (in the new ones anyway) so you only have to change the water occasionaly. Of course Japanese shower and wash before getting into a bath for a relaxing dip.   

       The Mrs tells me there is a retro-fit gadget like which you describe available in Japan. I'm going to try and find a link. Could take a while as my Japanese is vely not good.   

       It is quite nice hopping into a bath knowing your not going to get your arse burned/frozen though.
Emi-chan, Aug 27 2004

       I should have known the JAps have done it all before. Although I would be interested to ee a link just to make sure its a similar idea. My device would be an add on to your normal bath, fitting over the nozzles and would be connected to an electricity supply.. emmm.. somehow.
etherman, Aug 27 2004

       //fitting over the nozzles and would be connected to an electricity supply.//   

skinflaps, Aug 27 2004

       it would obviously be a well insulated system.
etherman, Aug 27 2004


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