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Thermos® Bath

A bath made of, erm...thermos
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Simple really, and apologies to Apologetic_Cynic for sponging off his idea, but...

A bath sized Thermos flask which a person (or two if it's Christmas or your birthday) can snugly fit. Once in the usual vacuum flask property of keeping everything at the same temperature should allow you to soak long and good without cooling off too much, although you might need to wear a lid-shaped hat and breathing apparatus to make it work.

Perhaps the ultimate flotation chamber.

suctionpad, Feb 25 2004

We are not men.... http://www.concertl....com/jpegs/devo.jpg
.....we are guys wearing lid-shaped hats [normzone, Oct 04 2004, last modified Oct 05 2004]


       A + for the lid-shaped hat idea [see link ]
normzone, Feb 25 2004

       naturists abhor a vacuum.
po, Feb 26 2004

       Just bought a regular thermos and was pleased to find a little folding spoon tucked into its lid. Perhaps you could likewise accessorize. +.
lintkeeper2, Feb 26 2004

       It's well known that vacuum flasks for keeping things cold don't need a lid, whereas things for keeping things hot do. So maybe you could adapt this for masochists or to control the sexual urges of teenage boys.
kropotkin, Feb 26 2004

       Could I order mine with a couple of strips of thin perforated tubing that ran top to bottom that were attached to a bubble machine so I could sort of gently percolate while floating in the steeping hot liquid... mmmm.
The lid shaped hat could be made of floatation vinyl so as to keep one's face above water.
no12pass, Feb 26 2004

       If you added gas to the sealed chamber you might end up with the bends when you got out the bath...
suctionpad, Feb 27 2004

       If the gas is nitrous oxide, you'd have the giggles AND the bends.
MuddyBuddy, Feb 28 2004

       the smell would never dissipate if you farted in a thermos, especially with the lid.
cardeguy, Feb 29 2004


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